Do we really know what we are putting on our skin everyday?

Each day more and more products are being sold which pass themselves off as Natural and Organic with false advertising messages when it reality there is nothing natural or organic about them. Instead they are potentially damaging chemicals which are dangerous to our health and skin.

Not all consumers however have the knowledge necessary to dismiss the sometimes complicated wording of the ingredients in such cosmetics.

So how can we protect ourselves in such a vast marketplace?

The answer is in the use of certified products of the highest quality that are obliged to respect the stringent canons of nature, of eco compatibility, and skin friendliness, and where possible, are made of organic raw materials.

It is for this that we at ToBeOrganic don’t limit ourselves to offering you the best products in terms of safety, without dangerous chemicals, but also the most effective products, of the highest quality, certified organic and natural by the most respected authorities in the industry such as Nature, BDIH, and Ecocert.

It is possible that you also find Bio Naturali cosmetics without the organic certification, this happens because certain companies prefer not to require it, guaranteeing an expression of the highest quality in line with Bio regulations.

Making sure your experience is trusted and enjoyable is our mission!