We chose to be organic because we refuse to use conventional cosmetic products with chemicals harmful to us and our skin. Many conventional cosmetics contain ingredients which come from mineral, paraffin, and silicone oils, which, not being similar to our skin, can cause precarious results. In certified natural and organic cosmetics these ingredients are not found also because they are not necessary. Nature already thought of everything which our skin needs.

Certified Bio Naturali cosmetics guarantee the protection of both the health of man and the environment because they are made with raw materials of natural origin that reduce the environmental impact.

The naturally occurring raw materials at the base of Bio Naturali’s cosmetics are: derived from organic and biodynamic agriculture, vegetable oils seen as friendly and more easily adsorbent for our skin, and sustainable production systems. They are free from chemical colorants or preservatives like parabens, synthetic emulsifiers, propellants, aggressive chemical surfactants, SLES/SLS, petrolatum, formaldehyde, and silicones. They are not tested on animals and are without GMO’s.