We simplify your purchasing experience by giving you only Organic and Natural, ECO BIO Certified products that respect the most rigorous and strict standards of the International Organic Certifications.

We only support brands whose cosmetics are of the highest quality and are free from dangerous chemical substances, are cruelty free, use production processes which respect the environment, and have ecological, sustainable, and recyclable packaging.

In the products we support you will never find: PEG (polyethylene glycols), PPG derivatives, compound ethoxylates, aggressive and incompatible skin agents, substances that that can cause nitrosamines (carcinogenic substances), animal derivatives like collagen, tallow, placenta, silicone and its derivatives, acrylic polymers, preservatives like formaldehyde, tiazolinoni, derivatives fenilmecurio, carbanilides, borates, halogenated phenols, halogenated cresols; synthetic dyes; aluminum and silicon derivatives of synthetic origin.

You only have to choose between the enormous quantity of organic face creams, lotions, body creams, body wash, creams for mother and baby, natural shampoos and masks, organic makeup, men’s creams etc…all Eco Bio Naturali!

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