We often devote less time and attention to our body in respect to our face, but this is a mistake because the body needs hydration and protection just as much...and you only need a bit of it to obtain great results!

A smoother, softer, and oxygenated skin is possible through the use of suitable Natural and Organic products free from chemicals that are dangerous for the skin, blocking the pores and making the skin even drier.

You can choose from among our organic lotions and body butters, naturally delicate body gels, gentle exfoliators, organic hand creams, bath and massage oils with the most refined Bio actives, non-toxic deodorants, plant-based toothpastes, and organic soaps.

What you will NOT find in ToBeOrganic’s cosmetics are chemical preservatives, petrochemical products, SLES / SLS, PEG / PPG, Parabens, Silicones, Formaldehyde, and aggressive surfactants.

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